Club 5k Results – Colchester Sports Park

18 February 2022 - By James Blackshaw

Great turnout at our first club 5k race of the year, at a brand new venue.  The new track seemed to work quite well, with good feedback from the runners. Going forward, we could probably move the start line another 50 meters down the track judging by the average distances on Strava, so we’ll keep that in the ‘lessons learned’ for next time.

Big thanks to everyone that helped out, in particularly to Angela Read, our lone marshal out on the turn, and also to our lap counters: Scott Darney, Dan Griffiths, Beth Shippey, Kerry Townsend, Mark Austin, Colsey, Liz Prior (under duress), and Adam Regan. Thanks to Jodee Mayer for being part of the timing team, and doing the important job of clocking everyone’s times.

Anyway, onto the results:


Runner Time Notes
1 Rhian Shrimplin 00:19:35
2 Angela Wray 00:21:45
3 Liz Stuckey 00:22:04
4 Rachel Dingley 00:22:19
5 Fiona Collins 00:24:25 PB
6 Celine Elson 00:27:25 PB



Runner Time Notes
1 Sean Darney 00:17:15 PB
2 Matt Jordan 00:17:55 PB
3 Damien Walsh 00:18:13
4 Andy Lager 00:19:25
5 Sam Hajder 00:20:44
6 Andy Watson 00:21:02 PB & Gold Standard
7 Simon Scott 00:21:21
8 Ben O’Leary 00:21:25
9 Tom Ashley 00:21:33
10 Tom Warman 00:21:33
11 Anthony Brown 00:22:47
12 Andrew Read 00:23:26
13 Dave Jobling 00:23:35 Gold Standard
14 Shane Ketteridge 00:24:43 PB
15 Adam Hocken 00:24:53
16 James Montgomery 00:26:22


Well done everyone!



  1. Simon Scott Simon Scott says:

    Gold standard for me James, cheers.

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