Braintree 5 – results

18 April 2016 - By James Crisp

Well done to everyone who took part yesterday in the Skyline 5. A beautiful crisp sunny morning greeted the runners, which no doubt put a good feeling into the runners at the start. Not sure how much of the good feeling was left after all of the constant undulations of the course, but that didn’t prevent some great performances. I know PB’S were broken, and it was also the first 5 miler in club colours for a couple of our runners. Well done also to Brigid who was marshalling. Here are all the results.

Name Time
Chris Martin 30:03.05
Andrew Lager 32:01.35
David Hunt 32:47.75
Tony Wallen 34:15.10
Simon Scott 34:20.35
Steven Watson 34:49.70
Liz Stuckey 35:41.90
Sean OConnor 36:10.60
David Enders 36:11.75
Shawn Beckerleg 37:09.90
Shelley Enders 39:18.15
Anthony Smith 39:41.05
Ross Silverton 39:59.65
Colin Short 40:25.05
Mat Pearsons 43:40.00
Dawn Shilling 48:06.35
Kerry Townsend 48:06.30

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