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2 May 2023 - By James Blackshaw

Belfast Marathon

Simon Cresswell took on this marathon and finished in 3:09:11, finishing 193rd out of over 3000 runners.


May Day 10


19 Daniel Griffiths 01:02:53
83 Gus Maby 01:19:19
126 Ross Silverton 01:36:19


37 Nicola Medici 01:28:24


Layer 5

Maggie Mason took on this 5 miler around layer and finished in 50th position in 45:15.


Big Bear Cider Run

I’m not sure whether the race name refers to the cider of a big bear, or bear cider that is ‘ big’, and either way, I’m not sure it really matters. Tom Warman & Terry Alabaster were here though, and neither of them are bears.

Tom ‘Bungle’ Warman – 54:39

Terry ‘Pooh’ Alabaster – 1:51:48


Another Search For Bluebells

This was the actual name of the race. Feels like the race organiser resents the event a bit to be honest. I wouldn’t be surprised if next years instalment is called “Yet Another Search For F***** Bluebells”.

Andy White 1:19:34
Geoff Reddin 1:19:34
Ian Lucas 1:19:34
Ross Silverton 1:19:37
Angela Read 1:50:59
Andrew Read 1:50:59


Well done everyone.


Thought For The Week: “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”

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