WRC needs you!! May Day 10 volunteers required

18 April 2023 - By Karen Flowers

**Note we are aware of a problem where some sign-ups are being blocked as “spam”, but are unable to fix it. If you have a problem on mobile, it may work if you use a laptop browser.**

Preparations for May Day 10 on May 1st, have now officially started and I am sure that most of you will have noticed that entries have started coming in.

Whilst we respect that some of our members will want to run, we will still need over 60 of you to volunteer for the race to be successful and show off our club at its best. There are plenty of early tasks, and I strongly encourage members to volunteer for these tasks if they wish to take part in the race, or ask a family member to volunteer in their place.

This is always a great event and as always we would love it if you could help in some way.

If you are able to help, please complete the volunteer form below.


Marshal Volunteer – May Day 10
Enter without any spaces
  1. Jodee
  2. Beth
  3. Sarah Naughton
  4. David Carey
  5. Leanne Andrews
  6. Oliver Andrews
  7. Celine
  8. Kerry T
  9. Annalise Tye
  10. Colsey
  11. Nicky Digby
  12. Rachel O'leary
  13. Mark Austin
  14. Will
  15. ann Johnson
  16. Simon Scott
  17. Andrew Watson
  18. Angela Read
  19. Andrew Read
  20. Scott Darney
  21. Suzie Low
  22. Jenny Layley
  23. Jonathan Moore
  24. Christine Israel-Jones
  26. Clive Smith
  27. Owen Dare
  28. David Grainger
  29. Sam Hajder
  30. Claire Boucher
  31. Maggie mason
  32. Daniel Griffiths
  33. Fiona Collins
  34. Jack Welch
  35. Ian Lucas
  36. Niki Medici
  37. Tom Ashley
  38. Pelham Etherington
  39. James Cooch
  40. Amy Maleary
  41. Rupert Bulgin
  42. Kevin Harper
  43. Maggie Mason
  44. Mike Struthers
  45. Dave Holdich
  46. Heydon mizon
  47. Darren Pyne
  48. Christine Israel-Jones
  49. Sue shippey
  50. Gerry Greenwold
  51. James Montgomery
  53. Sharon Read
  54. Amanda Martin
  55. Louis Kitchener
  56. Lisa Leader
  57. Theresa Montgomery
  58. Adam Regan
  59. Andy Notley & Alana Rush
  60. Leo Cole
  61. Matt j
  62. Emily Hooker
  63. Anita Grainger



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