Winter 5k – Thursday 24 November 2022

21 November 2022 - By Jodee Mayer

With thanks to Karen and Sasha for acting as RDs, we are hosting our Winter 5K time trial on Thursday 24 November 2022, with a start time of around 7.30pm. This will replace the usual speed development session.

The race is free and open to all members, and is a great way to gauge your current fitness level which may help with planning for future races!

The course is two loops of Freebournes Industrial Estate; you can park at Tesco (not on Freebournes please), and walk up Pasture Road until you see us.

As always, we need some volunteers to help marshal around the course and to help at the start / finish line in order to make the race happen, so if you are free and could lend a hand it would extremely lovely of you. Please comment on the Facebook post or below, or contact me directly, if you are able to help.

Please sign up below (if you could include the word “run” or “marshal” after your name please. I will close the race entry at 4pm on Thursday 24 November and publish final details including start times before the race so please keep an eye on the website / Facebook.

Many thanks,



Speed Development Session
    • Will
    • Celine Elson – Run
    • James Attenborough – Marshal
    • Daniel Griffiths – Run
    • Shane Ketteridge – Marshal
    • David Jobling – Marshal
    • Ann Johnson – Marshall
    • Lysia Jiggins – Run
    • Dean Whittaker – Marshal
    • Ian Cuthbert – Run
    • Mick Conroy Run
    • Max Leech – Run
    • Glen waller-run
    • Simon Scott marshal
    • Fiona Collins – Marshal
    • Steffan Doherty (Run)
    • Steven Alder – marshal
    • Heydon run and Marshall if required
    • Angela Read – Marshall
    • Alex Potter – Run
    • Patrick Hinchliffe – Marshal
    • Jamie Davidson – Marshall
    • Andy Lager run
    • Andrew Read – Run
    • Chris Martin – run

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