Winter 5K on Thursday

9 December 2015 - By James Crisp

This Thursday’s session will be the first of three winter 5k races. We’re giving the slightly complicated team competition a rest this year, so these will be straightforward races. With a lot of training focus traditionally going towards endurance at this time of year, the 5K’s are a good opportunity to sharpen up on speed, and test where you performance is at the moment.

We will meet as usual at Witham leisure centre at 7:30. After a quick briefing, we’ll head off around 7:40 to the Tesco’s car park area where we’ll do the warm ups. We will try to get the race underway around 8:00. The route is the normal winter 5k course, so starts and finishes towards the Tesco’s end of Freebourne’s. I’ll have my car there if anyone wants to leave clothing etc.

As always, I need a few people to volunteer to help marshal the race, so I’d be grateful if you could let me know if you can come and help.

Thanks, Marc

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