Pleshey Half Marathon

2 May 2018 - By Colin Short

I have just been on the Active website to enter the Pleshey Half Marathon and I noticed that they have spelt Pleshy wrong! I then went to Similar Activities where the race was advertised again, opened it up and a similar style heading came up but this time Pleshey was spelt correctly. I know the Active website has had problems before so I think it would be a good idea to get in touch with Springfield Striders to verify their position on this. So if you are thinking of entering I would suggest that you hold fire until we get confirmation!


  1. Martyn Byford Martyn Byford says:

    Good call Colin. After the issues experienced by at least both our members and those at Halstead last year I would like to think that Race Directors using this company, as a duty of care, would have undertaken due diligence.

  2. Natalie Lilley says:

    Are we meant to be waiting to hear from Springfield Striders still? I emailed them too, to ask if there was a way to enter outside of, but haven’t heard back – is it likely to sell out quickly, does anyone know?

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