May Day 5 draft Marshalls list

26 April 2017 - By Bill smythe

Hi all,

Thanks for the offer to help for the May Day 5 race. Please find draft Marshalls list. Please let me know if you are unable to carry out your role.

Some of you are down for two roles so please check all the lists.

We also need some more cake bakers, so if you are a budding baker please bring some along on the day.




HQ set up – 7.30

Bill S
Jo S
Brigid Wallen

Course Set up – 7.45

Tony Wallen
Mark Austin
Scott Darney
Simon Scott
Leo Cole

Course Marshalls – 8.30

Sasha Rush
Darren Cook
Clare Blake
Alex Wood
Rob Grimwood
Alex Stuckey
Heydon Mizon
Harry Borley
Graham Eyre
Sean Darney
Louise Pascoe
James M
Becky Grimwood
Rach Crisp
David Hunt
Phil Cherry
Liz Stuckey
Vicky Hunt
James Crisp
Dave Holditch
Marc Underdown
Tony Wallen
Jo Smythe
Dave Emmerick

Car Park – 08.00

Martyn B
Andy Lager
Dave Emmerick
Graham Eyre
Marc U Dad
Ross Silverton

Registration / numbers – 8.15

Karen F
Tanya Nash
Jen Mayes
Norma Jobling

Water station – 8.30

Emma S
Josh B
Ellie B
Clare Beckerleg

Baggage Drop – 8.30

Stephanie Lager
Theresa M

Kitchen & Cakes – 8.30

Naomi Emmerick
Karen F

T-shirts – 9.00

Anita G
Anita Boys
Jen Mayes


  1. Sasha Rush Sasha Rush says:

    Hi Bill
    Can I make you aware that I will have Harriet, age 7 with me on Monday.
    Thanks Sasha

  2. Gavin Maclure Gavin Maclure says:

    Hi Bill,
    Shall I meet up at HQ for the course set up?

  3. Bill Smythe says:

    That’s ok Sasha, will check your position.

    Yes please Gavin.

  4. Dawn Shilling says:

    Hi Bill
    I can help too with the marshalling but I am not on the list

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