Essex XC league this Saturday 10th Feb Basildon – read Graham’s post if you need a reason to run.

4 February 2018 - By Bill smythe

As most of you will be aware we decided to re-enter the Essex cross country league this year which normally runs on a Saturday. To date we have only had a couple of runners race and it would be good to enter a full team on Saturday 10th Feb so we can be captured on the scoring sheet.

Race will be held at Gloucester Park, Basildon.

Ladies and gents please let myself and Anita know if you would like to run. Lets promote Witham across the rest of Essex.

Bill & Anita


  1. Leo Cole says:

    Count me in.

  2. David Jobling David Jobling says:

    Me too! DJ

  3. Terry Alabaster Terry Alabaster says:

    I’ll probably be there Bill

  4. Graham Eyre Graham Eyre says:

    DJ, I’m running. Do you want me to pick you up?

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