Ekiden Relay Event – Expression of Interest

7 June 2022 - By Ben O'leary

The Ekiden Relay event is an annual race held by Ipswich Jaffa. Originating as a popular race format in Japan, it involves each team of 6 people taking on legs of different lengths which add up to a marathon. One runner will tackle 7.2km, three will complete a 5km leg and two will take on 10km legs.

Ekiden this year will be held on the 7th August at Woodbridge School, just past Ipswich.

To give you an idea, the legs will be run around a 2.5km loop, mostly on grass. There will be food and drink on sale, and the day should be good fun with those team members not currently running being able to support and cheer on their teammates/club-mates throughout the race.

We’ve been asked to reserve team spaces, and so we need to gauge demand. If you’re interested in this event, please fill out the form below.

For full details you can check out their fancy website here – https://www.ipswichekiden.co.uk/, but the important stuff is all above.

As always, give us a shout with any questions.

Your Team Captains,

Ben and Liz

Ekiden Expression of Interest

Ekiden Expression of Interest

    • Rachel Dingley – Ladies Open
    • Shane Ketteridge – Men’s Open
    • Leanne Andrews – Ladies Vets (35+)
    • David carey – Men’s Super Vets (50+)
    • Celine Elson – Ladies Super Vets (45+)
    • Jodee Mayer – Ladies Vets (35+)
    • Samantha martin – Ladies Vets (35+)
    • Sarah Naughton – Ladies Vets (35+)
    • David Jobling – Over 60 (any gender)
    • Geoffrey Reddin – Over 60 (any gender)
    • Mark Austin – Over 60 (any gender)
    • Simon Scott – Men’s Super Vets (50+)
    • Clive Smith – Men’s Open
    • Nat Lilley – Ladies Super Vets (45+)
    • Jenny Layley – Ladies Super Vets (45+)
    • Maxine Leech – Ladies Vets (35+)
    • Annalise Tye – Ladies Open
    • Celine Elson – Ladies Super Vets (45+)
    • Kerry Townsend – Ladies Super Vets (45+)
    • Ben O’leary – Men’s Open
    • Banksy – Men’s Vets (40+)
    • James Attenborough – Men’s Vets (40+)
    • Graham Eyre – Over 60 (any gender)
    • Kerry Townsend – Ladies Super Vets (45+)
    • Andrew smith – Men’s Open
    • Steven Alder – Men’s Open


  1. Celine Elson Celine Elson says:

    Sorry, I booked myself in twice!!

  2. Ben O'leary Ben O'leary says:

    That’s fine, you’ll just have to run 2 legs 🙂

  3. Peter Banks Peter Banks says:

    Tiptree are not submitting a team so if you want or need me to run I can

  4. Ben O'leary Ben O'leary says:

    I’m sure we’d be happy to have you in any team Banksy, appreciate you getting involved!

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