Ekiden 2022 – Final teams and event instructions

1 August 2022 - By Elizabeth Prior

Pack your sun screen and your camping chairs, it’s less than a week to go until Ekiden! Below you will find the final teams and information about the event.

The Teams

Please can you chat with your team members (below) this week to agree whose going to run each leg and come up with a team name, and let me know by Friday evening (5th) so I can update the team sheets. Happy for you to contact me on facebook, whatsapp or as a comment below this post. If I haven’t heard from you in time, I’ll submit your team in alphabetical order and call you Witham A/B etc.

The order and distances for each leg is as follows:

  1. 7.2k (3 laps)
  2. 5k (2 laps)
  3. 10k (4 laps)
  4. 5k (2 laps)
  5. 10k (4 laps)
  6. 5k (2 laps)

If you can no longer participate, Annalise Tye and Sam Hajder are on the wait list so please let us know as soon as possible.

Ladies Open

Jodee Mayer
Leanne Andrews
Maxine Leech
Rachel O’leary
Annalise Tye
Sarah Naughton

Ladies Vets

Angela Read
Celine Elson
Jenny Layley
Kerry Townsend
Lisa Leader
Samantha Martin

Men’s Open

Andrew smith
Clive Smith
James Attenborough
Shane Ketteridge
Steven Alder

Men’s Super Vets

Andrew Read
David Carey
Geoffrey Reddin
Gerry Greenwold
Mark Austin
Simon Scott


Event Information

The information below has been provided by the hosts. The only additional things from us is to remind you to wear your club vests, pack sun cream & a picnic, and to encourage runners to stay for the whole event instead of leaving once you’ve you’ve done your leg. This is a team event we want all of our runners to be supported, regardless of which leg they run.


If your runners are not staying all day then they should park at Farlingaye High School, IP12 4JX. Entrance via Ranson Road. It’s a 10 minute walk from the venue, or the sports field adjacent to St Mary C of E Primary School IP12 4JJ. St Mary’s is opposite the entrance to Woodbridge School. See attached car park instructions/guide. Ekiden car parking plan and Directions 2022 (1)
If you have equipment to drop off then you can park at the venue but you will need to be there early. Coaches and minibuses can use Woodbridge School coach car park as usual.
Our car park team will stand down at 10:15 so late arrivals will have to follow the signage

The relay itself

Start Time. The Ipswich Ekiden is scheduled to start at 10:20 am. Note the first lap of the first leg of the Ekiden is 2.2 k, with the following laps being 2.5k. All runners should assemble by 10:15.
Batons. We are using batons containing timing chips this year which will be handed out to the A leg runners just before the start. Each runner will have a number showing the team number and a letter designating the leg. Letter A = Leg 1, Letter B = Leg 2 and so on.
Holding Pen. Team captains need to ensure that their runners are in position to take over when the previous runner finishes. When the runner on the course enters the final field (to the right) this should indicate to the waiting runner that they should position themselves at the course entry point for the handover. We have 140 teams so this does require some forward planning – all laps are 2.5km, apart from lap 1 (2.2km). We will cover this on race day and have a demo of the hand over.
Needless to say that the runners also need to count their own laps, not so easy if you are having to run 4 in the 10km leg!


Ma Hubbards burger van with veggie option, Mr Whippy ice cream van, 2 x Combat Coffee vans and The Juice Works – juice van. At present we have no bar.


There will be a water station on the course with a further supply as athletes finish. We are using cartons of water for environmental reasons

General info

Please bring gazebos, club flags etc but sadly no dogs are allowed. Spectators are welcome. We will not have access to the School changing rooms.


Suffolk Medical Services will be on site for the duration of both races. Please remind all your runners that they should only participate if they are in good health and have prepared for the event.


We look forward to seeing you on the day!

Your team captains,
Liz & Ben


  1. Geoffrey Reddin Geoffrey Reddin says:

    Sorry but I not going to be able to hang around all day. Can do 1st and at push the 2nd leg only. I only have contact details with Simon Scott. If you wish to replace me with someone else please do. I will not take it personally.

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