2022 John Roberts Summer 5k Series – Race 4 – Final Runner Instructions & Marshal Positions

20 July 2022 - By Elizabeth Prior

It’s finally here!

An end to the heatwave!

And as if that wasn’t enough to get you moving, tomorrow (Thursday 21st July) the Angel welcomes us back for the fourth and final race in the 2022 John Roberts Summer 5k Series!

For more information on the series itself here’s the link to the original post.

Race HQ is outside The Angel pub in Kelvedon (CO5 9AN). There is parking available at the pub, if it’s full once you arrive you can park on the surrounding roads.


First, the important bits….

Please bring your race number with you from your last race in the series. If you have lost, washed or forgotten it, don’t worry I’m sure we can find one for you. Also remember your race vests if you have them!

Just picture 30 runners in matching vests piling into the angel car park at the exact same time… That’s front page website content right there.

Registration for runners is between 18:45 and 19:15, please report to Race HQ.

There is a 10-minute walk (or 5-minute warm-up jog) to the start line, where the first runner will be set-off at 19:30. Ben & I have been getting our nerd on and calculated everyone’s handicap times, you will be told this at registration and then will be set off once that much time has passed since the first runner started. All runners should finish at a similar time, with the winner of the handicap being the person who puts the most effort in on race day and crosses the line first. Remember the finish line is in front of the Angel, no bonus points for running all the way around the back.

We will be using a funnel system at the finish to ensure we assign the correct finish time to the correct person, just like parkrun, so please try to stay in the order you crossed the line to help us with this.

Remember that this is a road race and there will be traffic so please remain alert.

The course is mapped below, and every turn will be signed and marshalled so please keep your eyes and ears open to them.

…then the fun bits

We will be announcing both the handicap winners and the overall series winners after the race, with trophies being awarded. I believe the CMOTM is also being announced after the race, so double reason to stick around!

Since you’re staying around anyway, why not support the venue and have food afterwards? You’ll need to order before the race starts. Here is a link to the Angel’s menu.


Thank you all again for volunteering to help out with this. We couldn’t run these races without your support so it is greatly appreciated. We’d like to get a post race photos with all the volunteers, so do please stick around if you have time.

Course Setup:

  • Steven Adler (now aka the resident course setter-upper)
  • Rachel O’Leary
  • Fiona Collins

Please arrive at race HQ  by 17:45 where you’ll tie signs to posts and work your way round the course.


  • Tom Warman

Please arrive at the Angel for 18:40 where you will register runners before the race.


  • Natalie Lilley
  • Liz Prior
  • Ben O’leary

You’ll walk to the start with the runners to fire the pistol (blow a whistle, clap your hands…) and more importantly start the clock, setting runners off after their allocated amount of time has passed. You’ll then head back to the finish line at race HQ to record runners as they cross the line, keeping them in finishing order whilst we note their positions. (I’ve got images of hearding cats in my head!)

Course Marshals:

  • Lysia Jiggins
  • Paul Jiggins
  • Ann Johnson
  • Mark Austin
  • Gary Elson
  • Dave Holdich
  • Angela Read
  • Pete Banks
  • Liz Stuckey

Please report to Race HQ in the registration window (18:45 – 19:15) to receive your vests and wire cutters. We will assign marshal points on the day depending on who has cars etc.

Please ensure you are out on the course, in your position before 19:30. Stay warm until your start time!

Tasks are to direct runners, and watch out for (and warn) cars in low visibility areas. After the last runner, please detach and collect signs to bring back to Race HQ. You’ll be told which signs to collect at registration.

Give us a shout if there are any questions. See you tomorrow!

Your team captains,
Liz & Ben

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