Jonathan Moore

19 June 2023 - By Steven Alder

Our Club Member of the Month for June 2023 is Jonathan Moore. Despite his assertions that he doesn’t like runs greater than 5km and insistence he had no interest in running a marathon he signed himself up to the challenging Race to the King and committed to the training plan developed by Jodee to run some significant distances more than 5km every weekend, including a trail marathon as a training run in East Hanningfield. He also got injured in late April and had to stop the runs all together for a few weeks. Despite all this he set out on a very warm day, in June, with some proper hills and proceeded to finish his first 50KM ultra marathon in 86th place out of 348 runners. This was his first ultra race. He got to the start line in good shape, listened to advice (finally wearing a wet cap!!) and made great progress along the course.