Inter-Club Team Championship

This is a FUN inter-club competition for all members and FOR ALL ABILITIES to get involved in the cross country races.

Rules available here


Thank you to all those who have signed up for this year.

Please scroll down to see ongoing results tables.


The Teams for 2019/20 Season


Wasps of Witham

Jodee Mayer
Helen Came
Sandy Karl
Jason Lilley
Tanya Cregan
Lee Pembroke
Bill Smythe
Simon Cresswell


Wildcats of Witham

Natalie Lilley
Liz Prior
Dave Holdich
James Attenborough
David Jobling
Brigid Wallen
Liz Stuckey
Heydon Mizon


Whippets of Witham

Angela Read
Julia Bacon
Ruth Mizon
Jordan Barker
Andy Notley
Vikki Hayes
Alex Stuckey
Simon Scott


Wolves of Witham

Kerry Townsend
Karen Flowers
Andrew Read
Tom Ashley
Charlotte Roberts
Gavin Moore
Tony Wallen
Mark Austin