Are you racing too much?

18 September 2016 - By Rachel Pearsons

So, the end of the Summer Champs is in sight and I’m sure many of you are after those ‘extra points’ to bump up your score. And there are a lot of races left between now and the end of November for you to take part in.


HOWEVER!!! Racing too much is just going to take you to the brink of exhaustion and increase the risk of a serious injury. So ask yourself, which races do I need to enter? The answer should be not all of them!!! Be smart and select races you can train for without risking yourself. Planning your races carefully is the key to getting that PB.


Lets be honest here, how many of you have gone for a run and complained of ‘heavy’ legs? All of you?!?! Those ‘heavy’ legs mean there is no ‘spring’ in them and is your body’s way of telling you to REST!!! And racing when you are not well is a massive NO, NO!! When racing, you put your heart under immense pressure when you are fit anyway. So racing when you are not well puts your heart under even more pressure and surely no race regardless of points gained is worth risking your health.


This year has been an amazing year (so far) in the club. We’ve had fantastic PB’s, brilliant team events and runners taking part in exceptional races. Lets not loose sight of our achievements and race smart. Keep resting, hydrating, eating well, seeing the physio on a regular basis but more importantly ENJOY what we do!!


Happy Running!!!

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