Your Pub Run Season

18 March 2022 - By James Attenborough

In less than two weeks the clocks will go forward and well that can only mean that the pub run season is very much on the horizon!

For the information of our newer members pub runs not only offer a welcome change after pounding the streets of Witham for so long, the chosen routes being scenic, rural and fairly traffic free, but also a chance to socialise after the run with a meal and/or drink.

 The opportunity also arises to bring along other family members should you wish. Our pub run season is what makes us pretty unique to other local running clubs and is one of the main reasons I personally joined almost four years ago.

The Schedule is here:

I have selected pubs which take into account both our favourite pubs, routes, food and also the wide geography of our members!

We will also offer, where possible, trail as well as road routes, so I appeal to you trail masters to please explore the areas around these pubs to find us some suitable trails!

A few are not confirmed yet this is either due to the potential changes in ownership or waiting to see if there are suitable routes from those pubs!

In all instances we rely on the goodwill of the pub to accommodate us (some lay on extra staff especially). You will, no doubt, be using the pub loos and car park for example, so if we want to retain pub runs in a dwindling field it is vital that support is given even if it is only buying a soft drink. If you intend to ‘dine’ please order and pay for your food before the run commences and that way your meal will be ready shortly after your return.

We will be keeping the sign up feature,  we understand that a lot of you like this feature to see who is coming and your own accountability. It is also beneficial to me to give the Pubs a heads-up as to how many they can expect and how many will be eating/drinking. Where possible I will obtain a copy of the menu to add to the weekly post.

Finally car parking is another issue. Very often space is at a premium so car sharing is always a good idea if you’re comfortable doing so. If you have to park on a road please consider local residents and as WRC training tops will no doubt be in evidence remember that you are an ambassador for the club!

Further details about individual venues will be posted weekly but in the meantime I hope that you enjoy spring and summer running with us! This is a great time to reach out to Club members you haven’t seen for a while and bring them out of hibernation! Enjoy folks!

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