XC Relays 2022 – Teams

20 September 2022 - By Ben O'leary

An excellent show of support for this event, with 5 separate teams set to take on the relay on 24th September.

Team allocations are listed below, and here’s a link back to the original post for details: XC Relays 2022

Whatsapp group, for lift sharing etc, join here: https://chat.whatsapp.com/HcN7Q70ZVrS3WKHNU0qK78

Team Full Name
Ladies 1 Annalise Tye
Liz Stuckey
Rachel O’Leary
Ladies A Clarice Sanderson
Lysia Jiggins
Sian Tate
Ladies X Anita Grainger
Leanne Andrews
Sarah Naughton
Men 1 Leo Cole
Mark Austin
Rupert Bulgin
Terry Alabaster
Men A Alex Stuckey
David Carey
David Jobling
Ian Lucas
Reserve Andrew Read
Nat Lilley

Reminder of the event website: https://essexaa.activetrainingworld.com/tc-events/essex-cross-country-relays/

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