XC Cake – Club Champs advantage

19 October 2023 - By Jodee Mayer

If you are signed up for the Intra Club XC Champs then this may be of interest to you! Every runner that bakes for one or more of the XC races will have their finishing place reduced by 1 for the purposes of the Champs calculations!

This means that if you finish 11th, for the purposes of the champs you will only score 10 points, therefore helping your team score the least number of points on the hunt for glory and those all important trophies!

We need 3-4 bakers for each race and will award reduced points for up to 5 bakers each race so (at the time of writing) there are still slots available for all weeks – sign up here!

Note: a reminder that even if you aren’t signed up to the intra-club competition you can still (and are encouraged to) a) run any XC races you can/want and b) bake a cake!


Annalise, Jenny, and Jodee




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