WRC Virtual Speed Development – Thursday 30th December

27 December 2021 - By Scott Darney

This weeks session will be a virtual session so you can do this any time, any place you like on Thursday!

A simple favourite of mine is the Jake Wightman session that he provided for us back in August 2020 so I have chosen this for the final session of the year.

Details of the session are as follows:

8-10 sets of:

  • 2 mins run
  • 30 seconds recovery jog
  • 30 seconds run
  • 1 min recovery jog

8 sets is 31 minutes, 10 sets is 39 minutes (you can drop the final 1 minute recovery)

As usual, you should aim for consitant pacing. Try not to go too fast and fade at the end, that’s a sign you’ve paced it wrong. If in doubt start conservative and finish strong.

I would advise that you aim for either 10k or 5k pace at best for the 2 minute efforts to enable you to make your 30s efforts slightly faster. Don’t feel that you need to smash the 30s efforts, just try and make them faster.

There is no benefit to running the first 3 sets at an impressive pace if you can’t match this for the remainder of the workout, the gains are earned in the consistancy of a solid workout.

Hope this helps burn off some of the mince pies and we will be back in January to continue the lead sessions.

All the best for you all and your running goals in 2022!

WRC Coaching Team

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