WRC You Tube Channel – View Thursday Drills and Saturday Track

27 May 2017 - By Martyn Byford

Thanks to Mr Crisp we have our very own You Tube Channel which will prove an invaluable tool to both the Coaching Team and  you the members in viewing your technique and allowing you to make adjustments to improve race day experience and maximise performance.

It is not often that we have the opportunity to scrutinise our style and realise that perhaps we should make slight adjustment in order to lower that PB.

Some excellent heel flicks in evidence on Thursday with Tracey showcasing opposite arm/leg in Drills 2.

Many thanks to Steve who sacrificed his own run to put a montage of those at the Track this morning for the Pyramid session. Each clip is of a minute and runs in sequential order and in a couple of cases you can see a marked improvement in technique as the reel runs.

A word of caution Rome wasn’t built in a day, and like learning to play a piano where cords have to be practiced to create that faultless piano recital,  so do drills to produce that enhanced race performance. Low Intensity runs and warm downs provides a platform to work from on technique.

Hopefully see a few more of you next Saturday when once again the sun will shine.





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