WRC Triathletes Excel at The ExCeL

8 August 2016 - By James Montgomery

Taking part from WRC were Head coach Rach, brother Simon (swapping his usual footie kit for a wetsuit and tri kit) and DJ (doing his 11th London Tri), who were all off in the 0630 “pink hat” swim start with Andy Notley enjoying a lie-in in the 0750 start. The early start meant a clear run onto most of the course where conditions were on the warm side if a little breezy at times but they managed to avoid the worst of the winds which strengthened as the day wore on. Some 13,000 took part in differing distances both as individual and in relay teams over the weekend. Our WRC contingent all going in the Sunday morning individual Standard (a.k.a. Olympic) distance event comprising a 1,500m swim in the Royal Victoria Dock, a 37.5k bike down to Westminster and back around Excel followed by a changed run course (from previous editions) interestingly showing as both 10.3k and 10.5k on the individual results & tracking.

DJ was first to surface and stick his head out of the water and was quickly through T1 and onto his bike followed in hot pursuit by Rach and then Simon. Meanwhile, Andy was getting into the action and now out on terra firma after his sub 27 min swim and was spotted by Rach launching himself onto the bike course for a great bike section as well.

All safely through T2 and out onto the run course to survive 3 laps from the Excel Centre along the Royal Victoria & Royal Albert docks and back to a fanfare finish in lights under the time clock in the Excel Centre and all over for another year! However, Rach had one more transition to perform – into her work gear and off to work straight after finishing, no doubt with a few gels to keep her going!!

A big well done to all & thanks also to Mat Pearsons and parents for their support and encouragement from early doors and throughout the race, as well as some great action pics!

Andy Notley
Swim: 26mins 29secs
Bike: 1hr 08mins 04secs
Run: 52mins 59secs
Overall: 2hrs 34mins 22secs

David Jobling (finishing 7th in his new age group debut!)
Swim: 34mins 19secs
Bike: 1hr 17mins 40secs
Run: 53mins 13secs
Overall: 2hrs 50mins 58secs

Rachel Pearsons
Swim: 38mins 39secs
Bike: 1hr 14mins 02secs
Run: 54mins 46secs
Overall: 2hrs 55mins 46secs

Simon Tarr
Swim: 59mins 39secs
Bike: 1hr 24mins 09secs
Run: 1hr 00mins 07secs
Overall: 3hrs 35mins 40secs

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