WRC Pub Run, The Old Crown, Messing, 09/08/2022, 7pm

8 August 2022 - By James Attenborough

This week we return to The Old Crown in Messing which is probably a number of yours favourite pub that we run from! The car park is again very limited this week so please park courteously on the local roads.

Last week plenty of us stayed behind for food and drink leaving a happy Landlord. Please continue to support our pubs so we can offer the same pub run season in 2023! Remember we are using their car parks and facilities. Please, if you can, buy at least a soft drink after your run.

This weeks pub has perhaps the “Foodiest” menu of all of them. So for those who would like their pallets to sample some different food I can highly recommend viewing their menu! Menus – The Old Crown Messing

There are two routes available for you all this week. The usual road route (which takes in part of the Tiptree 10), as well as a trail route, It has been recced by the O’Learys so a huge thanks to them too.

Trail 5.5miles: https://connect.garmin.com/modern/course/73719490

This is the GPX and the written instructions are as below.


Road: 5.75Miles


We hope to see as many of you there as possible!

Tuesday Run Sign Up
    • Ben Roberts – 9:00 min/miles – Drinks only
    • Sam Hajder – 7:00 min/miles – Drinks only
    • Daniel Griffiths – 7:00 min/miles – Food and Drink
    • Lisa Leader – 9:30 min/miles – Not this time thanks
    • Kevin – 9:30 min/miles – Drinks only
    • Celine – 9:30 min/miles – Not this time thanks
    • Rachel O’leary – 8:30 min/miles – Food and Drink
    • Rupert – 7:30 min/miles – Drinks only
    • James Attenborough – 8:00 min/miles – Food and Drink
    • Dawn Shilling – 9:30 min/miles – Drinks only
    • James Cooch – 9:00 min/miles – Drinks only

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