WRC Pub Run, The Green Dragon, CM77 8QN, 12/04/2022, 7pm

10 April 2022 - By James Attenborough

Welcome to the first pub run of 2022!!!

As a fellow member mentioned to me the other week, “Oh isn’t this the one where the car park fills up quickly”. Please therefore car share if you can. As usual with our pubs if you are eating then please order your food prior to the run and it will be ready for around 8.15pm.

The sign up function will remain as normal as it allows me when I book the pubs to see how many are eating and drinking. We appreciate you may not be able to stop every week for the drink and or food, but please continue to support our pubs or they may not be as happy to have us back in the future. Even just a quick soft drink will help their coffers!

The route is here: https://www.withamrc.org.uk/routes/green-dragon-great-leighs-pub-run/

I know there is a trail run available from this pub but it hasn’t been recced, therefore if you want to run one I suggest you recce/plan this yourselves.

Membership renewals are going well, thank you to the eighty or so of you who have already renewed. If you are looking to book some races soon and need your EA licences I will be processing the next tranche of EA licences this coming weekend. Please renew as soon as you can.

Enjoy your run folks!

Tuesday Run Sign Up

Tuesday Run Sign Up

    • Ben Roberts – 9:00 min/miles – Drinks only
    • Sam Hajder – 7:00 min/miles – Drinks only
    • Daniel Griffiths – 7:00 min/miles – Food and Drink
    • Lisa Leader – 9:30 min/miles – Not this time thanks
    • Kevin – 9:30 min/miles – Drinks only
    • Celine – 9:30 min/miles – Not this time thanks
    • Rachel O’leary – 8:30 min/miles – Food and Drink
    • Rupert – 7:30 min/miles – Drinks only
    • James Attenborough – 8:00 min/miles – Food and Drink
    • Dawn Shilling – 9:30 min/miles – Drinks only
    • James Cooch – 9:00 min/miles – Drinks only

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