WRC Maldon Parkrun Takeover – Thank You!

8 October 2016 - By Anita Grainger

On a fresh autumn morning Witham Running Club took over the volunteering for Maldon Parkrun for the day. We provided pacers from 20 to 34 minutes at 2 minute intervals with the award for the most accurate going to Bill Smythe as the 26 minute pacer, finishing right on the nose! The presence of pacers seemed to help runners achieve PBs giving them something or rather someone to focus on, follow or generally just try and hang onto!  76 new PBS were achieved, fabulous! Usually there are around 35-50.


The club provided a friendly atmosphere in the spirit of parkrun and hope that everyone enjoyed themselves as much as we did! Looking at the focus on some of our pacers was highly amusing as they were trying to stay on target pace and not revert to their normal speed. Our volunteers had fun offering lots of encouragement and smiles, with Tracey Denby in her element keeping everyone in check at the finish as funnel manager.


Our pacers did an awesome job and came in pretty much on time


20 min – Scott Darney 19.56

22 min – Andy Lager 22.10

24 Mins – David Hunt 23.56

26 Mins – Bill Smythe 26.00

28 mins – Simon Scott 28.01

30 mins – Vicky Hunt 29.20

32 mins – Bob Taylor 32.12

34 mins – James Blackshaw 33.39


Thanks to everyone for taking part today (listed below for reference) there were 285 runners that turned and we didn’t lose any of them which is good . Here’s to the next parkrun takeover!


Run Director – Parkrun Belinda Amner
Volunteer Co-ordinator – Parkrun Bob Gear
Volunteer Co-ordinator – WRC Anita Grainger
Pre-event Setup Stewart Waller
Pre-event Setup Jo Smythe
Pre-event Setup Brigid Lager
Pre-event Setup Andy Lager
Pre-event Setup Colleen Rae
Marshal Brigid Wallen
Marshal Tony Smith
Marshal Becky Grimwood
Marshal Colleen Rae
Tail Runner Ross Silverton
Funnel Manager Tracey Denby
Timekeeper Steve Hennings
Timekeeper Martina Byrne
Finish Tokens Jo Smythe
Barcode Scanning Louise Pascoe
Barcode Scanning David Emerick
Barcode Scanning Naomi Emerick
Barcode Scanning Anne Johnson
Run Report Writer Anita Grainger
Photographer Stewart Waller
20 Scott Darney
22 Andrew Lager
24 David Hunt
26 Bill Smythe
28 Simon Scott
30 Vicky Hunt
32 Bob Taylor
34 James Blackshaw

DSC_3053 DSC_2834 DSC_3056 pacer

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