WRC Cycling Kit Prices

29 October 2017 - By Scott Darney

Hi everyone,

As previously promised, please see below price list for the Cycling and Triathlon Kit.

I will be on holiday from Wednesday, so I have decided to set the deadline so that I can place the order when I return.

Please can you therefore confirm any orders you wish to place by email to me on scottm_uk@yahoo.co.uk before 18th November. I will then provide you with bank details to make the payment. Note that the lead time will probably be around 6 weeks from the order so this really is likely to be kit for next year. Apologies for those wanting winter kit you may still get some in time for the next year, but it does take a long time to put these orders together!

Please note that these prices are after the generous subsidy provided by Witham Running Club. However, the discounted price only applies to a maximum of 2 items per club member but only 1 item per category (categories are: jerseys, jackets, shorts, tri gear), i.e. you can order a jersey and a pair or shorts at the subsidised price, but if you order 2 jerseys you will only be able to buy one of them at the subsisided price and you will need to pay full price for the 2nd jersey. I can provide the full price for anyone interested in additional items.

I have provided a link to each of the items (or a very similar item in the same range) for you if you would like more details. FYI the small removable pocked on the jerseys is a clear, sealable wallet for keys, phone, wallet etc which clips into your rear pocket.

Any further questions please feel free to contact me by email, on facebook or at the club.


£ 41.80 Short Sleeve
£ 46.60 Short sleeve (w/removable pocket)

Mens: http://www.kalas.co.uk/det/cyc-jersey-s-s-elite-08-spinn-men?sortiment=48&typ=92&pohlavi=26&skladove=0&lang=EN

Womens: http://www.kalas.co.uk/det/cyc-jersey-s-s-elite-08-spinn-lady?sortiment=48&typ=92&pohlavi=25&skladove=0&lang=EN

£ 55.00 Long Sleeve
£ 59.80 Long sleeve (w/removable pocket)

Mens: http://www.kalas.co.uk/det/cyklo-dres-elite-23-flanders?sortiment=48&typ=94&pohlavi=26&skladove=0&lang=EN

Womens: http://www.kalas.co.uk/det/cyklo-dres-elite-23-flanders-lady?sortiment=48&typ=94&pohlavi=25&skladove=0&lang=EN


£ 86.80 W&W Mission Light
£ 105.40 W&W Mission Light (w/removable sleeves)
£ 105.40 W&W Mission Light Winter Plus

Mens: http://www.kalas.co.uk/det/cycling-jacket-elite-z-07-w-w-mission-light?sortiment=48&typ=97&pohlavi=26&skladove=0&lang=EN

Womens: http://www.kalas.co.uk/det/cycling-jacket-elite-z-07-w-w-mission-light-lady?sortiment=48&typ=97&pohlavi=25&skladove=0&lang=EN


£56.20 Lycra Power Shorts (no bib), Endurance Lady X Pad

Womens: http://www.kalas.co.uk/det/cyc-shorts-arco-elite-65-lycra-power-lady?sortiment=48&typ=99&pohlavi=25&skladove=0&lang=EN

£ 61.60 Lycra Power Bib Shorts , Zoom X Pad (Mens or Ladys)
£ 71.80 Lycra Power Bib Shorts, Endurance Plus Pad (Mens) / Endurance X Pad (Ladys)

Mens: http://www.kalas.co.uk/det/cyc-bibshorts-arco-elite-60-lycra-power-men?sortiment=48&typ=99&pohlavi=26&skladove=0&lang=EN

Womens: http://www.kalas.co.uk/det/cyc-bibshorts-arco-elite-64-lycra-power-lady?sortiment=48&typ=99&pohlavi=25&skladove=0&lang=EN


(Separate Shorts and Singlets also available)


£ 54.40 Revolutional Tri Suit
£ 70.00 Revolutional Teflon Tri Suit


£54.40 Revolutional Tri Suit

£70.00 Revolutional Teflon Tru Suit

£62.20 Revolutional Tri Suit (Integrated bra)

If you are interested in items which are not listed, such as bib tights, gilets etc then please contact me for a price as there are many items available.



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