Wix 5 Results

16 October 2016 - By Anita Grainger


21 WRC members headed off to Wix today for the last in the club championship 5 mile races. The course is a relatively flat course with a couple of ‘bumps’ along the way. Conditions were near perfect apart from a headwind in the first 2 miles. This didn’t deter 6 members getting shiny new PBs.

Heydon was our first man home in a new PB of 29.43 which completes his quest for gold standard. Vicky was our first lady home running her first 5 mile race and earning nice shiny trophy for 3rd Lady home in a time of 34.45. The Ladies’ team of Vicky, Rachel & Anita came in second place and the Men’s team of Heydon, Chris and Scott came 4th. Looks as though Chris and Heydon kept each other close today, as did Scott and David H and Vicky and Steve given their close finish times.. Steve Hennings tried his best to drag Anita round to gold standard putting in a slower time for himself as a result. Unfortunately the computer said ‘no’ today breaking a run of PBs which Colsey took advantage of around at 2.5miles sailing past Anita. Dawn Shilling, still on a high after Loch Ness, continues to improve and knocked an incredible 9 minutes off last years’ time.



Great performances everyone long may it continue into the Cross Country Season. Full results below;

Heydon Mizon 29:43.6 PB
Chris Martin 29:56.9  
Scott Darney 30:54.9 PB
David Hunt 31:10.6 PB
Leo Cole 32:03.0  
Mark Austin 32:49.9 PB
Paul Chandler 33:32.5 PB
Steven Watson 34:31.6  
Victoria Hunt 34:45.5  
Shawn Beckerleg 36:41.2  
David Enders 37:49.0  
Colin Short 39:18.5  
Rach Pearsons 39:37.5  
Steve Hennings 39:46.7 PB
Anita Grainger 39:48.5  
Emma Sweeney 42:34.7  
Dawn Shilling 45:18.7  
Becky Grimwood 45:42.3  
Tracey Denby 45:44.4  
Stewart Waller 46:28.0  
David Howard 51:08.7  


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