Tony Chalk Update & Witness Appeal

1 September 2016 - By Rachel Pearsons

Tonight’s session was more than eventful with Tony Chalk needing medical attention at the end of the evening.  Many thanks to Sasha, Graham and Sasha’s friend who helped look after Tony.  He has put a posting on the Facebook page with more details.  I am pleased to report that he is at home, safe and well which is most definitely the important news of the evening.  Rest up Tony and look forward to seeing you at the club when you are fully recovered.

Unfortunately, whilst I was taking the session at our popular Armond/Chelmer/Cromwell location, a resident reversed into my car causing substantial damage.  This resident unfortunately did not leave a note on my car or notify any of the 30 or so people running in the road at the time that this had happened.  The resident has now been formally identified but I need to establish if anyone has witnessed this incident.

My car is a black Mercedes and was parked on Chelmer Road under a street lamp.  The vehicle that reversed into my car is a Ford Transit pick-up truck that was parked on the driveway opposite my car.  The vehicle has been seen by one of our club members reversing out of the driveway and needing to use the pavement to drive off, most likely after hitting my car.  Can anyone help me please?


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