Winter kit checked?

2 October 2016 - By Rachel Pearsons

I’m sure many of you have noticed the ‘chill’ in the air as summer leaves us and the autumn/winter season creeps upon us!!  So this is a great time to check your kit in readiness for those colder, darker runs.

It’s important to keep your muscles warm when it is colder, so warming up properly and wearing suitable clothing is key to avoiding injury in the winter months.  There are plenty of kit options to help keep warm including long tops, long bottoms, gloves, hats, socks and many others too numerous to mention!!

As most of our runs are in the dark, hi-viz is a must have piece of kit.  Wearing bright coloured tops is not enough for motorists to see us, so a top with reflective panels is a minimum.  A hi-viz with reflective front and back panels is one of the best ways of ensuring we can be seen.

Some of our winter routes are not as well lit as we would like them to be, so please take care.  Head lamps are an option along with good old fashioned common sense when running in an area that is poorly lit.  Let’s avoid those potholes and pavements!!!

With lots of great races and events still to come this year, lets all stay safe, stay warm and most importantly enjoy our running!!!



  1. Becky Grimwood Becky Barnes says:

    In the winter I find it helps to carry a small hand torch for those darker areas. Most have a small strap for your wrist and are no bigger than your palm. You can buy them in sports direct or places like petrol stations.
    Also – I think buffs are a great idea – they act like a scarf but if you get too warm you can wrap them over your hair or shove them in a pocket.
    Love winter running!

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