Winter 5k – 01/02/2024 results

1 February 2024 - By Jodee Mayer

Massive thanks to our marshals and lap counters tonight – Andrew, Angela, Beth, Colesy, Ian, Karen, Liz, Monty, Owen, Sarah, and Shane.

Well done to all of our runners tonight – great performances with a smattering of PBs to boot. If I have missed any PBs, do let me know.

Steven Wherrett 18:42 PB
Jamie Davidson 19:01
Claudia Baba 21:06 PB
Clive Smith 21:33
Dean Whittaker 21:55
Mark Lynch 22:09
James Attenborough 22:41
Mick Conroy 23:03 PB
Glen Waller 24:02 PB
Annalise Tye 24:37
Adam Hocken 25:18
Fiona Collins 26:07
Celine Elson 26:51



  1. Steven Wherrett says:

    Hi Jodie, that’s a PB for me also

  2. Jodee Mayer says:

    Amended – well done! 2 more there later this year…

  3. Michael Conroy Michael Conroy says:

    Well done Steve, think Jamie’s was also PB

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