VLM Ballot results

15 November 2017 - By Marc Underdown

As announced last night, the results of the club ballot to allocate the two London Marathon places we are given in respect of our affiliation to UKA / EA are as follows:

Paul Chandler – 4 points
Paul Thomas, Tanya Nash – 5 points
James Crisp, Gerry Greenwold, Becky Booty, Hayley Ellen– 6
Ross Silverton – 7
Marc Underdown – 10
Dave Hunt, Dave Jobling – 11
Tracey Denby – 12

Andy Lager – 13
Mark Austin – 16

Congratulations to Mark and Andy who now have the pleasure of a winter of long distance running ahead of them! We will be in contact with both of you to let you know how to register for these places.

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