Virtual Speed Development – 29 December

27 December 2022 - By Jodee Mayer

As we’re all out and about this week, so the Speed Development session this week will not be a coached session but will instead be a virtual session.

We are giving you the following session as an easy to remember and programme session:

15 sets of:

  • 60 seconds hard running (5k pace or faster)
  • 60 seconds rest (we recommend a proper rest/walk rather than jog in order that you can hit your paces in the harder 60 seconds).

You can choose how easy, hard, interesting or challenging you want to make the session.

You can do it on a track or flat loop if you want to focus purely on speed or you can take to a hilly trail route for some variety!

Feel free to organise your own meet ups for sessions and tell us how you got on with photos and comments on the Facebook post and below.

Thanks and enjoy the rest of your festive celebrations!

WRC Coaching Team

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