Tuesday Run with a Twist, Witham Football Club, 7pm 05/04/22, Sign up

3 April 2022 - By James Attenborough

This week we are trialling a club run with a bit of a difference!

It’s effectively a Handicap club run, where this week the 11:30s will leave first, then with a 2min gap, then the 11s with a further 2min to the 1030s and so on…

This is designed so we should all get back to the football club at roughly the same time…and the bar will be open for those who would like a drink after!

The only rules are as follows: If you catch the group in front of you, you must run at their pace until Spinks Lane. From there you are all allowed a faster finish for the last third of a mile or so and please ensure you run the whole 5 miles.

The total time gap for each group is as follows. You may if you wish run in the opposite direction up towards Dancing Dicks Farm (and up Peg Millars for some of you) for half of that Gap before turning round. This will leave all groups except the 1130s running more than 5miles.

11s, 2mins

1030s, 4mins

10s, 6mins

930s, 8mins

9s, 10mins

830s, 12mins

8s, 14mins

730s, 16mins

7s, 18mins

630s, 20mins

We are running the BD5 route starting from approximately the Rugby Club back gates and you will finish approximately in the far corner of the football club car park.

As usual you can arrive from 6:45 for a 7pm start, you can park at the club.

Please wear high viz/reflective wear as usual as the light may catch us slightly in the last mile or so of the run!

Finally, please don’t forget that memberships are due for all members, thank you to the 30 or so of you who have renewed already!

Tuesday Run Sign Up

Tuesday Run Sign Up

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