Tri Action at Gosfield

10 July 2017 - By James Montgomery

On Sunday, 5 members of WRC took part in the local Gosfield Triathlon, put on by Born2Tri. This year, a Sprint distance event was held alongside the normal standard distance event, with Carina Taylor and Lee Blake taking part in the Sprint distance and Andy Notley, Scott Darney and Trevor Johnson in the Standard.

Myself and Theresa were marshalling around the half-way point of the run and saw the later stages of the race unfold, getting sunburnt and covered in bugs at the edge of a field!

For the swim, 750 meters for the sprint and 1500 meters for the standard, owing to the current warm conditions was decalared a non-wetsuit swim before the start since the water temperature was above what the rules allow, no doubt to the annoyance of some! Carina exited the water over 4 minutes ahead of Lee while in the Standard event Andy, as expected put in a super swim and was out of the water nearly 9 minutes ahead of Trevor and Scott.

With the day and the race hotting up and the competitors out on the bike, which was 1 lap for the sprint and 2 laps for the Standard, Lee was now closing in on Carina in the sprint, with a big battle erupting in the Standard with Vets vs Youth and Andy pipping Trevor by just a few seconds with Scott back by several minutes.

Onto the run, again 1 lap around the fields for the Sprint and 2 laps for the Standard, Lee caught and overtook Carina around the half way point with some colourful language. Meanwhile in the Standard distance, Andy had a substantial lead over Trevor, but Trevor was putting in a great run to pull back some time on Andy with Scott chasing hard a bit further back.

At the Finish line Andy, who has been putting in some serious training and has showed excellent improvement this year, finished in an excellent 10th place overall, with Trevor finishing 9th in the very large V40 age group and owing to an excellent 6:20 minute mile run, Scott greatly reduced his loses from the bike leg, finishing just over 2 minutes further back.

What a great race!

Sprint Distance Splits (750mtr swim; 20km bike; 5km run):
Carina Taylor:
Swim:       00:16:58
Bike:       00:43:59
Run:        00:29:31
Overall:    01:31:57

Lee Blake:
Swim:       00:21:02
Bike:       00:40:38
Run:        00:26:43
Overall:    01:30:41

Standard Distance Splits (1500mtr swim; 40km bike; 10km run):
Andy Notley:
Swim:       00:27:46
Bike:       01:11:06
Run:        00:46:58
Overall:    02:27:18

Trevor Johnson:
Swim:       00:36:21
Bike:       01:11:14
Run:        00:44:26
Overall:    02:35:08

Scott Darney:
Swim:       00:36:52
Bike:       01:20:04
Run:        00:38:54
Overall:    02:37:48

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