Track Sessions – This Saturday

25 April 2016 - By Martyn Byford

The first of our Track Sessions will be held at Braintree on Saturday starting at 9am.

Having done some investigation it makes sense to pay on an ad hoc basis rather than booking the whole track for an hour in a 6/8 week block which will prove more expensive. It also means we are not restricted to an hour although I do not envisage it lasting much longer.

I suggest we meet in the foyer please so that I pay for the correct number of attendees.

Please bring waterproofs and plenty of layers together with some hydration be it water /gels or what ever you normally use.

There are lockers and showers if desired afterwards.

The weekly structure will comprise of my normal 5 segments – Warm up, Drills, Main Session, Warm Down , Statics.

This week will be a fairly easy introduction with a 400 metre reducing recoveries session. You will be put in groups of similar speed and unlike Thursday’s,  recovery time will commence from the  first finisher rather than the last within each group!

If I’ve missed anything please drop me a line or grab me at The Willows or Thursday Night.



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