Saturday Morning Track Sessions – Back in 2 Weeks.

7 May 2016 - By Martyn Byford

Track stuff

For the second successive week conditions were strictly mediterranean for our Saturday Morning Track Session.

Above some of the guys enjoy a well deserved warm down after 40 minutes of `fun’.

Next session in 2 weeks time when Rachel has promised to maintain the pain!!

Everyone is welcome just turn up with £2 plus a bottle of water/sports drink plus a change of top, you will be glad you did at the end 🙂


  1. Heydon mizon Heydon Mizon says:

    Just for info;

    If you are a leisure club member at this site or the swimming pool in Braintree, the track entry is free.

    That picture is not blurred, that is how we felt after 40 minutes of “fun”

  2. Martyn Byford Martyn Byford says:

    Hi Heydon
    Yes if you are a member of Fusion, the Leisure Group, Track use is free so no cost for our Saturday Sessions. For those that make me aware of this who have paid online I will ask the Treasurer to refund. Yours is in hand.
    Yes the picture was slightly blurred due to heat condensation on the lens but it was the only one took!

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