Tour Of Terling

3 July 2018 - By James Blackshaw

The Tour of Terling starts this weekend, and always proves really popular with WRC!

Details below from the organiser below:


The pub is now open and there is a cafe opposite the pub, both will take vouchers on Sunday (drink / food voucher to all runners on day 1).

All four days race registration will be outside Terling village hall, please park with consideration for residents. Fee on Day 1 £5 (includes tea shop/pub voucher + free entry days 2-4), new entrants days 2-4 £2 each, you will get wet feet on monday and tuesday.

NOTE “short” routes are available on days 1 and 2 but will not count in the overall standings.

Day 1 Sunday July 08 from 10am 8 miles narrative “runners” trail (3 clippers)

Day 2 Monday July 09 from 6:30pm 5 miles narrative “navigators” trail (5 clippers)

Day 3 Tuesday July 10 register from 6 pm at the hall, mass start at 7pm 4.5 miles marshalled multi-terrain

Day 4 Wednesday July 11 register from 6:30 pm at the hall, mass start at 7:15pm approx 1 mile from the hall, then 1 mile up, 1 mile down, back to the hall for presentations.

Full Rules available on website Mid Essex Casuals homepage

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