Tour of Terling

27 June 2023 - By James Cooch

I’ve organised for the 15th August pub run to coincide with the Tour of Terling trail (13th – 16th August).

The trail route option will be a registered event via Mid Essex Casuals, entry £3.00, there will be a road route option to any club members who do not wish to take part in this event.

In addition we have managed to persuade the landlady of the Rayleigh Arms to open especially for us/event so would love to see as members as possible take part and stay behind for food or drink to make it worth while.

I appreciate this is quite advance notice, but anybody wishing to take part in the trail please could you register your interest to help me with the planning.

Many Thanks,

Tour of Terling Pub Sign Up
    • Shane Ketteridge
    • Darryl Selmes
    • Annalise Tye
    • Lisa Leader
    • Lysia Jiggins
    • Karen Flowers
    • Celine Elson
    • Jodee
    • Louis Kitchener
    • Sarah Naughton
    • Nat Lilley
    • Beth Shippey
    • Rupert Bulgin
    • Simon Scott
    • Jenny Layley
    • Steven Alder
    • Heydon Mizon
    • bill smythe
    • Paul English
    • Tom Warman
    • David Jobling
    • Scott Darney
    • Penny Clarke
    • Damien Walsh

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