Thursday Speed Development – Varying Speed and Time

9 November 2022 - By James Montgomery


Apologies for the late posting, please join me and Beth for this week’s TSD.

I couldn’t think of a catchy name (like “Kenyan Hills”) for this session and since there’s no hills and “Varying Speed and Time” kind of describes what you’ll be doing, it stuck.

This should be good one for learning pace and is good for setting up on your device.

Where: Eastways, meet at the far end (from where you enter Easways), near the road bridge
When: Thursday 7:30pm
What:    4  x  ( 3 mins @ 10k followed by 90 Secs @ 5k followed by 45 Secs sprint followed by 2 mins recovery )

We’ll go through some dynamic warmups at 7:30, but please try and get a little trot in beforehand (10-15 minutes).

Also – PLEASE REMEMBER YOUR HI-VIZ VESTS or head/body torch. This is a club requirement and there is usually a fair bit of vehicle movement around Eastways, so this is for everybody’s benefit and safety.

Please sign up using the form below to allow us to keep a track of who is attending.

Thanks – Beth and I look forward to seeing you all on Thursday!

Speed Development Session

Speed Development Session

    • Will
    • Celine Elson – Run
    • James Attenborough – Marshal
    • Daniel Griffiths – Run
    • Shane Ketteridge – Marshal
    • David Jobling – Marshal
    • Ann Johnson – Marshall
    • Lysia Jiggins – Run
    • Dean Whittaker – Marshal
    • Ian Cuthbert – Run
    • Mick Conroy Run
    • Max Leech – Run
    • Glen waller-run
    • Simon Scott marshal
    • Fiona Collins – Marshal
    • Steffan Doherty (Run)
    • Steven Alder – marshal
    • Heydon run and Marshall if required
    • Angela Read – Marshall
    • Alex Potter – Run
    • Patrick Hinchliffe – Marshal
    • Jamie Davidson – Marshall
    • Andy Lager run
    • Andrew Read – Run
    • Chris Martin – run

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