Thursday Speed Development – Sprints

15 August 2023 - By James Montgomery


  • What:      Speed Development Sprints
  • Where:    Football Pitch at Maldon Road Park (Behind the Cricket pitch / what3words meeting point: hothouse.enormous.utter)
  • When:     7:30pm meet (please do a warm up jog before meeting time)

Please join myself and Beth for this week’s Thursday speed development session “Sprints”. We tried this one last year, those who attended really enjoyed it. You will discover muscles you didn’t know you had. On Friday morning, that is!!

It’s all very simple. You will be aiming to run at max effort between two points which we will mark with the coloured cones and it will be down to you and your team mates as to how much recovery you get.

Now then team mates…. depending on how many turn up to the session we will split you in to teams of 4 or 5 and ideally, mixed ability teams so no one team gets a too long or a too short recovery and that things are more evened out.

You will run a short distance between two points with clear emphasis on speed. If you have done the 30/30s session, you need to be running faster than that as it will only be for a few seconds. The next runner in the team sprints once the previous runner has finished their sprint.

Key focus is on arm action – remember “Sockets to Pockets”. Drive your arms forward, not across your body and on the backward swing, bring your hand past your hip where you might find a pocket.

Recovery will partly be your run off from the effort and the time it takes to jog back to the start point, as it’ll almost be time to sprint again, but try to stay moving.

We will split this into two 15 minute sections with a two-minute break in the middle, so 32 minutes in total. Run correctly you should find the first half fairly straight forward but the fun starts in the second half.

Please be ready for a 7:30 start, and try to do a warmup before arriving, when we will go through the usual dynamics.

Thursday might be a bit warmer than we’ve been used to this summer, so bring suitable hydration and bug spray could be useful.

Something fun and a little different. We hope to see you at the park on Thursday.


James and Beth

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