Thursday Speed Development Session – 3rd March – Undulating 800s

2 March 2022 - By Scott Darney

This weeks Speed development session will be 800s with an added challenge.

Usually 800s are done on the track or at best for us in witham, at Eastways loop! However to mix things up a bit and replicate some road racing we will do ours this week on an undulating loop around Cromwell and Chelmer Road in Witham.

We will meet at the yellow circle shown below at 7:30pm and perform a warm-up and drills and then start the session where we will head up Cromwell Way, left at the top down Chelmer and then come back round.

We will perform roughly 3-6 reps and have a 2 minute rest in between each rep.

The target pace for each rep is your target 10k pace so slightly quicker than your pace on Tuesday if you use this as a tempo run.

Please sign up using the form below to allow us to keep a track of who is attending.

Thanks and see you all on Thursday!

Scott & Karen

Speed Development Session
    • Will
    • Celine Elson – Run
    • James Attenborough – Marshal
    • Daniel Griffiths – Run
    • Shane Ketteridge – Marshal
    • David Jobling – Marshal
    • Ann Johnson – Marshall
    • Lysia Jiggins – Run
    • Dean Whittaker – Marshal
    • Ian Cuthbert – Run
    • Mick Conroy Run
    • Max Leech – Run
    • Glen waller-run
    • Simon Scott marshal
    • Fiona Collins – Marshal
    • Steffan Doherty (Run)
    • Steven Alder – marshal
    • Heydon run and Marshall if required
    • Angela Read – Marshall
    • Alex Potter – Run
    • Patrick Hinchliffe – Marshal
    • Jamie Davidson – Marshall
    • Andy Lager run
    • Andrew Read – Run
    • Chris Martin – run

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