Thursday Session 5/1

4 January 2017 - By David Jobling

Our structured training schedule for 2017 kicks off with a 2min/1min Fartlek (speedplay) session. Meet please Witham Leisure Centre 7.30 so we can get away by 7.45 prompt to our popular session area based around Gershwin Boulevard and the pond circuit.

After our warm up run there and dynamic stretches/drills, we’ll begin the main part of the session which will as usual last for approx 30 minutes and, in response to requests from members for longer sessions, will include option to extend this to approx 40 minutes for any takers – this is not mandatory and members may return to Witham Leisure Centre after either a 30 or 40 minute session where a member of your coaching team will be available for final cool down static stretching for both returning groups.

This will be our 4th Fartlek session since September and the format may now be familiar, Fartlek is ideally continuous running made up of faster running intermixed with periods of slower running – so the idea will be to run for either 30 minutes or 40 minutes alternating this time between 2 minutes at a faster pace followed by 1 minute at a slower pace – the pacing guide would be to run the faster section above your Tuesday tempo run pace and the slower section at pace or jog below Tuesday pace, including initial walk recovery if necessary.

We’ve had a red card whistle ban so if your are able to set your Garmin or timing device for a 2 minute 1 minute repeat interval/recovery that will assist all with the session – so let’s go for 10 reps or a maximum of 14?

Looks like being a bit warmer on Thursday evening (hopefully not a Michael Fish moment) than on Thursday morning but if you’re layering up for before/after which may be a good idea we’ll have somewhere for you to leave any items of clothing or drinks during the session. Emma and I look forward to meeting up with everyone on Thursday. DJ

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