Thursday Session 29/02 – Market Hill, Maldon

25 February 2024 - By Karen Flowers

This week we are doing hill repetitions at Market Hill, Maldon, a surprisingly popular one with our members!

We shall meet at 19:30 in the Tesco Maldon Car Park by the click and collect point (the far right side) from where we will head of for a warm up run to Fullbridge Quays (at the bottom of Market Hill) where we will do some dynamic stretches and drills.

The session will last 30 minutes and consist of athletes running up Market Hill, from our start point at Fullbridge Quay, all the way to the pedestrian crossing at the top where you will ease off/stop, turn around for an initial walk then recovery jog back to the bottom – then go again.

Pacing suggestion is to try and do all the ascending runs at the same effort and even pace, perhaps start off around or just slower than your Tuesday night ‘Tempo Run’ pace and vary this depending on how it is going for you.

Try and pick 2 or 3 of the following technical points to focus on during the session:

1. Run close to upright but with a slight lean from the ankles – this posture helps expand the chest and aids breathing.

2. Speed up and shorten the stride to get up the hill efficiently – kick that back foot forward!

3. Stay efficient by keeping shoulders squared to the hill and not rocking with the effort.

4. And drive those arms to help lift your body and coordinate legs.

So why do we do hill repetitions?

1. It’s “specific strength work”, using the hill to increase strength.

2. It’s easier on joints and connective tissues than similar efforts on flat terrain.

3. It builds “can do” mindset to smash those hilly races!

PLEASE NOTE – we’ll be sharing the footpath with other footpath users so please extend the usual courtesies, it is well lit but please do wear high viz items and it’s always recommended to bring something to drink and clothing layers to stay warm after the session and on your way home – it’s looking colder as the week goes on.

Lysia and I look forward to meeting up with everyone on Thursday. Karen

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