Thursday 6/4 Speed Development- Progressive Pace Sets

4 April 2023 - By David Jobling

Meet 7.30pm usual Eastways meeting spot, please do warm up jog 1-2miles before.

Our session is Progressive Pace Sets, structure as below Garmin screenshot.

Its another one aimed at getting used to running at varying and increasing speeds which you can pick to suit where you are with your running at the moment or what you’re training for.

So we’ll do blocks of 3 x 3 minutes in each set where we’ll increase pace each 3 minutes after which there’ll be a 2 minute recovery. Then we’ll repeat another 2 times.

Lots of pace variations to consider, possible  +/- pacing suggestions for your sets could include:

1. Easy/Goal Marathon Pace/Tempo Pace

2. Easy/Tempo Pace/5k Pace

3. 1/2M Pace/Tempo Pace/5k Pace

The above are just a guide, the key is to select pacing where you are comfortable increasing pacing every 3 minutes for 9 minutes and repeating this for another 2 sets of 9 minutes.

Be good if athletes are able to program the structure into their devices, good for review afterwards as well and hopefully see those pace pick ups as you did after the recent Doubling Down session, Beth and I will do our best to assist with timing on the night.

Please sign up below at bottom and Or let us know via FB post so we’ve got an all round idea who’s coming.

Beth and I look forward to meeting everyone Thursday. DJ

Speed Development Session
    • Will
    • Celine Elson – Run
    • James Attenborough – Marshal
    • Daniel Griffiths – Run
    • Shane Ketteridge – Marshal
    • David Jobling – Marshal
    • Ann Johnson – Marshall
    • Lysia Jiggins – Run
    • Dean Whittaker – Marshal
    • Ian Cuthbert – Run
    • Mick Conroy Run
    • Max Leech – Run
    • Glen waller-run
    • Simon Scott marshal
    • Fiona Collins – Marshal
    • Steffan Doherty (Run)
    • Steven Alder – marshal
    • Heydon run and Marshall if required
    • Angela Read – Marshall
    • Alex Potter – Run
    • Patrick Hinchliffe – Marshal
    • Jamie Davidson – Marshall
    • Andy Lager run
    • Andrew Read – Run
    • Chris Martin – run

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