Thursday 5/10 Speed Development – 400(60) 200(30)

4 October 2023 - By Lysia Jiggins

This Thursday’s session is a new one that we are trialling, so any feedback, good and bad, is welcome.

The session will be 400m and 200m efforts as follows:

400m @ your 5k pace with 60 second recovery, then 200m @ slightly faster pace, with only 30 seconds recovery. We will repeat this for 30 minutes


Based on your 5k times your 400m & 200m times are as follows:

5k time 400m / 200m
18 minutes 1min 26s / 43s
19 minutes 1min 32s / 46s
20 minutes 1min 36 / 48s
21 minutes 1min 40s / 50s
22 minutes 1min 46s / 53s
23 minutes 1min 50s / 55s
24 minutes 1min 56s / 58s
25 minutes 2min 00s / 1min00s
26 minutes 2min 04s / 1min02s
27 minutes 2min 10s / 1min05s
28 minutes 2min 14s / 1min07s
29 minutes 2min 20s / 1min10s
30 minutes 2min 24s / 1min12s


The first 400m with a full minute recovery will for most, get you back to almost resting heart rate. Thereafter, the hard work and benefits come from all the subsequent 400m runs as they are all preceded by each 200m run with only 30 seconds recovery.

There will be a two minute break after the first 15 minutes.

In terms of the logistics for making this work, as always the 400m will start and finish where we meet at the end of the road. We will mark out the 200m point and from the 400m run you have 60 seconds to walk/jog to that point ready for the 200m run back to the start where you have the 30 seconds static recovery.

If anybody has any idea of how to programme this then please share, not sure it is possible but you can take your own recovery times from the point you hit the end point of each run. The main aim is to keep the 400m runs consistent despite running the 200m with only 30 seconds recovery.

The session will be at Eastways Industrial Estate, and we shall meet near Arnie’s Grooming Parlour:

All other information will be available on the night, please do a pre-session jog of 1-2 miles and arrive suitably warmed up for our 7.30 start. Any questions please message me or comment below.

Please remember high vis clothing and/or head or body torches.

Graham and I look forward to seeing you.


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