Thursday 400s Session 7/12

5 December 2017 - By David Jobling

Our session this Thursday is 400m repetitions.

Let’s meet Witham Leisure Centre at 1930 to get away by 1945 heading towards the 400m loop at Eastways.

With probably THE “favourite” cross country of most coming up at Gosfield on Sunday, I thought we could vary some of our typical Eastways 400m effort & recovery structures and go for a 30 minute session with 15 mins doing 400s in one direction followed by 15 mins going the other way – 1 minute recovery between each 400 with a 3 minutes half time break after the first 15 minutes and before the second block.

So depending on where peeps are on their 400s, the session including half time break should last around 33-35 minutes.

We’ll also have a few technical points to focus on.

Please bring a sports watch or timer with you if you can to help you and perhaps others with the session.

Pacing, ideally, should be under equivalent 5k race pace time for 400m – although you might not wish to go full gas with Sunday in mind.

Recoveries will be standing and moving around hopefully with a bit of brief chat as you recover each time.

It’s looking to be cooler overnight later in the week so good idea to layer up, we’ll have somewhere to place drinks or any items you may wish to discard before or put on after the session to keep warm such as tops, jackets and yes folks it could even be time for those hats and gloves!

James and I look forward to meeting up with everyone Thursday. DJ

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