Thursday 29th Sept – Pyramid Session – Eastways’ Industrial Estate

27 September 2016 - By Rachel Pearsons

The planned session for this week is a pyramid session.  We will be jogging up to Eastways’ as part of our warm up, followed by dynamic stretches.

Runners will be split into groups based on their current 5k times as follows;

Group 1 (sub 19 mins), Group 2 (sub 21 mins), Group 3 (sub 24 mins), Group 4 (sub 27 mins) and Group 5 (sub 30 mins).  However, if you wish to push yourself that little bit harder, then try the group above you as you can always change group during the session.

We shall be running for approximately 30 minutes and the session is timed as below;

1 min effort, 1 min recovery – 2 min effort, 1 min recovery – 3 min effort, 1 min recovery –  2 min effort, 1 min recovery – 1 min effort, 2 MIN RECOVERY (end of set).

There will be enough time to complete 2 sets, regardless of ability.  The key to this session is to help improve your VO2 capability and practise your race pace.

If you are racing this weekend or returning from injury, Emma and I would strongly suggest that you run with the group below your current 5k time.

Emma and I look forward to seeing you all at the Leisure Centre, 7:30pm.

Happy Running!!!

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