Thursday 28/9 Speed Development- “Kenyan Hills”

26 September 2023 - By David Jobling

We have our first bit of “hills up” efforts on the autumn/winter plan this week and nothing better than a Kenyan Hills session to get us started, a great strength and pacing workout for what lies ahead:

– 7.30pm meet warmed up and ready.
– Spa Road/Highfields Road junction.
– CM8 2HJ.
– ///warbler.reservoir.along

It is a session we’ve put on a number of times before – for anyone new to it or anyone looking for a reminder of how it goes then further information is available below the pic.

Kerry and I look forward to meeting up with everyone on Thursday. DJ


eps 10

Kenyan Hills – what’s it all about?

On what’s known as a Kenyan Hills session you’ll be working on maintaining the same pace/time on both the uphill & downhill sections – the downhill section isn’t used as a traditional jog back recovery BUT if you’re doing both sections in the same time or at the same pace then it should feel a little easier on the way down.

We tend to do this session in blocks of roughly 1 mile comprised of 2 uphills & 2 downhills followed by 2 minute static recovery and then repeat these blocks until approx 30 minutes has just flown by – the hill section we use is a smidgeon over 0.25 of a mile between the start/turn back points.

It’s a session for self timing with the lap button or maybe with a little help from your coaching team and review afterwards but if anyone wants to better manage timings and know what it might look like for a Garmin workout set up then please give me a shout.

We’ll cover all the other stuff on Thursday.

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