The “No Tech” Run 04/04/2023, 7pm Start, Witham FC

2 April 2023 - By James Attenborough

Welcome all to the start of our Spring/Summer season!

Firstly thank you to the 50 or so of you who have renewed so far! This is already 20 more than had renewed at the same point last year and we are 25% towards my target of 200 members for the year.

So on Tuesday we are meeting at the Football club at 6.45pm for a 7pm start. Please be advised the football club have a home game, so please park either at the Leisure Centre or on Blunts hall road or jog/walk down where possible.

We’ll be doing the announcements a little earlier at 6.55pm as we are still being chased by the light!

So how is this years run going to work?

Well firstly, please ensure your phones and or watches are left either at home or in your cars etc.

Secondly when you arrive at the football club, please give your predicted time to one of our volunteer timekeepers. So if for example you want to run 10min miles you will need to give a time of 50mins to them or if you’re an 11.30 runner, then 57mins 30secs etc

Obviously you are allowed to adjust this if you think you might run a smidge faster/slower than your target pace.

Once you have all given a time to one of our timekeepers then post announcements we’ll jog to the Rugby club back gate (down the path) and our timekeepers will set us on our way.

We will then run the usual five mile BD5 route, (the finish line being the football club gate) and the winners will be those closest to their predicted time.

You can run this however you choose, but remember it’s not a race, its just a chance to practice how good you actually are at “running to feel”. If you want to run as a group you of course are more than welcome.

You can manually add the run to your Strava accordingly.

Finally, please continue to wear high viz and headtorches as the light will definitely catch us post 7.45pm.

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