Supporting Becky!!

29 June 2016 - By Rachel Pearsons

Tomorrow nights’ session is the very popular Park Life.  A great session that is open to all runners.

Becky Grimwood will be taking the session as part of her work towards gaining the CiRF qualification.  To gain the CiRF takes a lot of work, dedication and sacrifice of personal time.  Our coaches are valuable, as I’m sure you will all agree.

So please, show your support and come along tomorrow night and support Becky with her coaching pathway.

Look forward to seeing your friendly, smiling faces tomorrow night!!



  1. Jo Smythe says:

    We will be there lovely! Looking forward to it! 🙂

  2. James Crisp James Crisp says:

    Is this session suitable for those running gb5 on Friday?

    • Rachel Pearsons says:

      If you are running the Friday GB5, this session can be used as a ‘leg loosener’ provided that you take it very easy. 30 minutes of gentle jogging will be fine. However, if you’ve already had a tough training week or two and recovering from injury, then a rest would be best. You need to decide on your own personal situation. Hope this helps!!

  3. James Crisp James Crisp says:

    Thanks Rach 🙂

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