Springfield XC Results – WRC holds 3rd Position :)

29 January 2017 - By Anita Grainger

Firstly I’d like to say how proud I am to be part of WRC and today’s efforts from EVERYONE involved in the cross county, we put on a great solid team performance today and encouraged each other along the way, running in ‘packs’ judging by the concentration of results. I know personally I welcomed the tug from both the WRC men and women near me and think it will be the same everyone who ran.

The course started at Writtle Agricultural College with a mass ‘dash’ across the grass before a couple of sharp congested left hand corners round the trees then continued on the lap round the field before heading round the lake. After going round the edge of the lake the course headed off round the fields with a ploughed field thrown in for good measure. There were ups and downs, mud and a water jump to add to the fun before heading back for a final lap of the lake and dash to the finish.

WRC fielded 39 runners today and all ran well . The men came 3rd , just 3 points in front of Great Bentley and the women 4th, just 3 points behind Great Bentley. If that wasn’t close enough , 4 out of the 6 teams gained 7 points from the combined Mens & Womens (Springfield, Colchester Harriers, Great Bentley & Witham).

This is where every place counts….. I’ll explain below.


For the Mens and Womens places

Ipswich came first in both Mens and Ladies (1+1)= 2

Springfield Striders came 2nd in Mens & 5th in Ladies ( 2+5) =7

Witham came 3rd in Mens & 4th in ladies (3+4) =7

Great Bentley came 4th in Mens and 3rd in ladies (4+3)=7

Colchester Harriers came 5th in Mens and 2nd in ladies (5+2) =7

Harwich came 6th in both Mens and Ladies (6+6)=12


For the 4 tied teams now the league looks at total scores for the scoring runners to sort our final placings

Springfield = 247

Colchester = 318

Great Bentley & Witham = 349

Therefore Springfield came 2nd being awarded 5 points, Colchester 3rd awarded 4 points and both Witham and Bentley came 4th & were awarded 3 points. The organisers actually made a mistake and initially gave Great Bentley 3rd place as their scores were added incorrectly. Luckily I noticed this and sorted it out!

This is why every point counts. In the ladies just 3 scoring places higher, or if our non- scoring runners had managed to catch the Great Bentley ladies ( ….. and they were close, very close!) it would have given us 3rd in the ladies and second overall today. … how amazing would that have been! We still did extremely well today and have successfully held onto our 3rd place in the league. Springfield Striders have now edged up to 4th from 5th, knocking Harwich down from 4th to 5th. I expect the last race on 19th Feb to be a bit of a scrap!


Thank you to our cake makers Sue Smith, Phil Cherry & the Montgomerys…. Don’t think they touched the sides. Thanks also to Becky Grimwood, Tracey Denby & Claire Beckerleg for their photography and video skills, David Hunt for clipboard management & Tracey, Paul Chandler, Becky, David, Theresa, James  and the Beckerleg clan for support en route, we definitely heard you!

The full individual results will be on the 53-12 website tomorrow at which point I can see which of our non-scoring runners knocked scoring runners down. I’m pretty sure that 7 of our ladies knocked scoring runners down but will check and I expect the men did too given the consolidation of places around the 60-80 mark.

WRC results below

Ladies Position
Vicky Hunt 6
Hayley Ellen 15
Brigid Wallen 30
Charlotte Elms 32
Michelle English 37
Rachel Pearsons 41
Anita Grainger 45
Louise Pascoe 65
Dawn Shilling 78
Haydeh Safavi 85
Jo Smythe 93
Sasha Rush 94
Men Position
Mark Finbow 14
Chris Martin 15
Heydon Mizon 23
Dave Campbell 27
Scott Darney 33
Giles Sowerby 39
Sean Darney 56
Stuart Mills 59
Marc Underdown 60
Pete Riley 65
Andrew Lager 68
Steve Watson 77
Simon Scott 79
Tony Wallen 88
Phil Cherry 97
Paul English 103
Bill Smythe 106
Keith Taylor 117
Mark Austin 118
Shawn Beckerleg 126
Graham Eyre 134
Steve Hennings 139
Dave Jobling 143
Tony Smith 146
Colin Short 152
Matt Pearsons 154
Geoff Reddin 167

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